It Is All About Local Politicians Helping Locally !!

These days I am all about my family. With four young kids, three dogs and a horse, I am always taking care of someone. They were the ones who inspired me to run for office. I look at them, and then I see what the politicians are spending and poorly planning and I feel like they will never have the opportunities that I have had here in the greatest country the world has ever known.

On a daily basis I work with business people to help them grow and organize their businesses. From Internet and classic marketing to new markets and internal controls.

I included a small segment of my resume,’ as I believe that a politician is hired or chosen by the people to do a job. I know that I can do a better job than the lawyers in Washington have done. They don’t know the business world, or who you and I are, or need anymore.

They are out of touch and both parties are corrupt with the lobbyist money that is determining the direction for everything. Nothing of consequence will ever get done until that is changed.

Business and politics have many opinions on the correct course of action, however performance speaks for itself. These fellows have run our wealthy country into a bad place and ALL need to be removed so that we may start fresh. I don’t make myself out to be anymore than I am. Before these last 8 years and my current commitment to my family life, I have been a hard player in life and known for sometimes being a little too tough . I was a bouncer in the bars in college and played hard while racing boats and before, but still always figured out how to get a business to make money and be a honest man along the way.

Now I think my country needs me and a bunch of other fellows and ladies from the real world to get us back on the right course. When I watch most of these people in Washington on the TV, I think to myself, “They can’t really believe what they are saying”. Shocking and disappointing, time to throw them ALL out

Should I get elected, I don’t want to be beholding to anyone. Let’s Work together to get back to the old conservative and fiscally responsible principles that made America Great. We need a balanced budget amendment, term limits and campaign finance reform